Stealth Honda

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Living in a Tricked-out Stealth Honda

Skip Freedman helps lady create a Stealth Car for Urban Survival

Check out this video on a created Stealth Honda.  The lady living in this Honda is celebrating her First Anniversary of freedom from rent.  Her pet cat lives with her! This was not a hard conversion, fold down the back of the rear seat and clear all obstacles so that access to the trunk from the back seat is available.  This makes a comfy sleeping area, your feet go into the trunk area.  Be sure to cut up some cardboard to cover the windows at night or have the rear windows tinted dark so any passer-by can’t see inside.  You can carry an amazing amount of stuff with you, but a storage unit is recommended.  Use your cheap storage unit as your apartment – set up your dresser, have your stuff organized.  Most of the good storage outfits have clean bathrooms where you can wash up.  You can go there every day if you wish, get fresh clothes, re-stock your cooler with food, if lighted, as many are, set up your desk and laptop.  Some units actually have power, giving you unlimited opportunities.  The great thing about a stealth car like this is that you can almost park ANYWHERE with impunity, no one will suspect you are sleeping in there (unless you snore loud).  Remember the rules, move your location every night!  Have GypsyCool fun now that you are free from the grasp of the corporate real estate landlords.  You are FREE, you are INVISIBLE, you are now a POWERFUL person who goes where you want and you do what you want!




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  1. Excellent blog. I saw you on the Surviving the Middle Class Crash blog.

    None of us know if we are going to be next (homeless) but it could happen to anyone. I was homeless twice.

    I like the idea of the storage facility. That way you keep everything in that facility and keep it out of your car which attracts attention. The storage facility part of your article was the most important part of it, I hope everyone re-reads that portion of the article.

    24 hour fitness sells a 2 year membership at Costco for $319. But you can go there 24/7 and shower or do whatever you need. I taught at a 24 hour fitness 14 years ago and I’m sure some of my students were homeless and used the gym as a shower facility and got a workout in when they needed to.

    My spouse and I dumpster dive all the time. We find amazing stuff. A lot of it we give away and much of it we keep for our own preps. I’m a housewife but no one’s job is secure ever. My spouse could lose his job anytime, so we live very frugally.

    From 2007 to 2010 I lived on the edge. I was barely sliding into home plate the first of every month to pay rent. It was hard but I did it. It’s harder to be homeless as a female as the danger of sexual assault is far more prevalent than for a man.

    I carry a small can of oven cleaner. If you spray someone’s face, you have a quick getaway.

    As far as I know an ice pick is not illegal to carry. I just bought on at Bed Bath and Beyond and it comes with a case. You’d never know it was an ice pick.

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