Observations From a Gypsy Cool Brother

Some Observations on Reality in the World Today

by Skip Rorshach Freedman

 The old saying that you “can’t see the forest for the trees” is the perfect analogy of our world today. The planet has become so fast-paced and complex that the daily activities necessary to survive seem to take up most of our waking time. Additionally, we are all bombarded by some major crisis almost every month; be it some horrendous man-made or (allegedly) natural disaster, a shooting at some business or school, another celebrity in rehab, or something else you never imagined when you were growing up. These incidents are intended to distract us away from other things happening to undermine our health, wealth and liberty. All that is needed to recognize these amateur diversions is the ability to look at the world with a realistic and objective mind.

What you’ll see is that modern corruption in the USA has sunken to new lows, so we might as well start at the top and work down. The office of president hasn’t been the same since JFK was murdered on live television 50 years ago. With voting we have the illusion of choice, but only select persons of certain genealogies will ever occupy the Oval Office. For the last several decades, presidents have been issuing so-called “executive orders” that supposedly supersede both Congress and the Constitution. Your civil rights and liberties have been progressively diminishing, with surveillance and government intrusion in your privacy being vastly broadened and spreading like cancer. Congress enacts laws to benefit business at the expense of the people (that’s called Fascism), and alphabet agencies can run amok in this kind of atmosphere. The NSA spies on every electronic facet of our lives, particularly cellphones and email. There is abundant evidence that the FBI has directed and aided many terrorist incidents within this country. The CIA has been intimately involved with the military in importing narcotics into the USA since the Vietnam war (why else would we be in Afghanistan?), plus it performs rouge operations of murder throughout the entire world and even within the USA (prime example: Michael Hastings). The FDA allows conglomerates like Monsanto to poison our food and water, lets dentists use the toxic substance mercury in fillings for teeth, plus approves hundreds of brands of harmful psychiatric pills from Big Pharma to be prescribed to children and depressed adults to put them in a haze. And, topping it off, Homeland Security acts like the new Gestapo. The banking industry pays almost nothing in interest on a savings account; but takes in billions yearly from loan and credit card interest, plus repossessing people’s homes at a record rate. And don’t forget that your money paid for their phony “bailouts”. The Federal Reserve System is a collection of private banks that has hijacked and manipulated our money system for a century now, deliberately causing monetary panics and stealing your hard-earned money through inflation to make people into wage slaves. Big Business has been gradually moving to mega-corporation monopolies that squeeze out small business competition and keep the prices of goods at maximum. The petroleum industry has maintained an artificial scarcity of oil to justify high gasoline prices, as well as suppressing viable alternative energy sources for over a century. All media is owned by a handful of companies that control the content of television, radio, and magazines. The medical industry, in collusion with the FDA, has suppressed alternative therapies for cancer that could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives in the last century. There is a prison industry (with the highest incarceration rate in the world) designed to ensnare and exploit as many people as possible within its grasp. And, at the bottom of the heap, the police have been receiving military training and equipment, plus acting like surly belligerant bullies while writing tickets to generate capital for decaying bankrupt cities. Unfortunately, the average person is manipulated into paying for all this through ever increasing taxes, while the services and benefits supposedly provided by those taxes dwindle away. And they keep trying to brainwash you into thinking that this is somehow normal. Unfortunately, most people actually fall for this outright fraud.

The bottom line is: do you feel it’s appropriate to help this growing insane police state by assisting it, either morally or financially? Why support a system that is trying to exploit and destroy you? That really doesn’t make any rational sense. Non-compliance with a corrupt system will rob them of their ill-gotten gain, so just gradually ease out of their system. Additionally, you can use their tactics against them for your advantage, convenience, or pure amusement. There are many ways of doing this: by materials diversion and procurement, surreptitious utilization of equipment and supplies, or just good old-fashioned harassment. Don’t make life easy for them – after all, they’re the problem. You don’t always have to be a victim, the tables can occasionally be turned. So if you find the concept of Full Spectrum Dominance to be both pretentious and offensive, consider doing something about it. Just be carefully creative, and always resist tyranny that’s disguised as freedom.

One thought on “Observations From a Gypsy Cool Brother”

  1. Right on, Skip. You nailed these psychos directly to the wall. I might add about the food conglomerates and other companies that are buying up water rights throughout the country. It’s got to be the most basic way to control people, through access to food and water. Keep a wary eye on these snakes, and either have your own garden or make it a point to know someone who does have one (just give them a hand). Also in “Gypsies of the New Millennium” you mentioned that authority is just a concept – I would propose that patriotism is just a concept as well. You can love your country, and still hate the assholes who have hijacked your government and are slowly and effectively depriving you of your liberty and rights. These people are blatantly guilty of the highest treason and deserve to be opposed in any way humanly possible. Our children and grandchildren deserve better than what the world is degrading into because of these psychopaths.

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