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There comes a time that we realize true joy is in the not knowing what you don’t know. Finding that child within and creating what you see and wish to be. That is where the magic begins. Although I struggle to keep myself in that space of “GRACE” I know that it is always there. As I shed the baggage that has been programmed into my mind by many factions such as:

Mainstream Media
Fear Mongers
TV Shows
Controlled Musicians

Other people’s views and ideas

Just to name a few, there are many more and it’s been going on for eons. I sit back and wonder when is the madness going to end? I think there comes a point in most people’s lives and I don’t speak for everyone here but; I think the point that comes in most people’s lives is when they sit back and realize “SOMETHING IS JUST NOT RIGHT”. Did we really come into this life to work our butts off at job’s we don’t like, impose someone else’s ideas of what the social norm should be on our children, get sucked into the religious dogma of an all loving God (whatever that means to you) who in the way he is depicted by religions is anything but, pick up the latest fashion tease because someone else said it was cool, listen to Government parties who fight for the same corporate teams for the richest peoples ideologies and control, feeling like your always reaching and reaching but always have that “lack of”; did we really come here to experience this?


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