Lockheed Name Change Is Confusing

Lockheed Name Change Is Confusing

Lockheed Federal Credit Union is changing their name to Logix.  Check out this video cartoon about this:


So what brought all this on?  Lockheed Federal Credit Union decided to change their name to Logix.  Cool name.  Unfortunately, if you go on the internet, someone else is using logix.com, some communications company.  The new Lockheed flyer they are putting out does not have a new website name, nor do they have the old web name on the flyer, which, by the way is lfcu.com.  They also announced on their old web site that the name change is dropping the tag “credit union”, even though they say they are still going to be a credit union.  Huh?  Are you confused yet?  Also on the flyer is the new name with another tag line, Logix smarter banking.  If you go to logixsmarterbanking.com it takes you to a “who is” page, showing that some un-named person or entity already owns this name.  Could Lockheed own this name, kind of a pre-launch secret because the new website isn’t done yet?  Maybe, but we thought they were not going to be a “bank” , they are still a credit union but just not using the name. 

Then there’s the matter of the Trademark.  They didn’t file for a trademark, Logix Credit Union  Maybe they forgot this, or possibly because the name was already filed a few years ago by a school district credit union in Indiana.  But hey, good news here, the school district has abandoned the name by not responding to official paperwork, so the trademark is still available, if Lockheed decides to use the forbidden words “credit union”.

Are you as confused as Knuclehead in the cartoon?  We are too.  But there’s more.  The names “logixcreditunion.com” and “logixfederalcreditunion.com” appear to be owned by pro-credit union folks.  Good news for Lockheed if they can somehow straighten out this spaghetti mess and get their act together.

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