I Was Robot by Ernest Mann – 1. Human Robots

There is no enemy. Only ignorance –of a better Game to play.

1. Human Robots


I vaguely remember a science fiction movie of “Flash Gordon” back

in the 30’s which showed all the workers in some city moving around

like robots. The hero tried to talk with them but they didn’t pay any

attention. He then noticed that all the workers were wearing the same

kind of helmet. He took off one worker’s helmet. The worker seemed to

come out of a trance and told our hero that while they wore the helmets

they were literally slaves and had to do whatever they were told by

their Master.

In the book, “Brave New World,” the people were given a drug

called “soma” each day as they finished work. As I recall, this kept

the people in a blissful unconcerned state of consciousness until their

next work day.

It has occurred to me that I have worn the helmet. Except my

helmet was in my mind. I was getting soma too. I even paid to get it.

Intake Time

In my intake time I watched TV, listened to the radio, went to

movies, listened to records, background music and tapes, glanced at

billboards, read magazines and newspapers. During this time I also took

one or more of the consciousness altering drugs. These addictive drugs

included nicotine, caffeine, alcohol and sugar. Some people used harder

drugs. The drugs may have made me more susceptible to the programming

that I was receiving.

My Programming

My programming was achieved by many methods. First of all it is

important to remember that most of the mass media is owned or

controlled by big money people. They not only use the old methods such

as; slanting, falsifying, exaggerating, omitting, monkey-see & monkeydo,

loaded words, hypnotic music, etc., but are also now using many new

subliminal methods1 of implanting ideas, opinions, fears and desires

into our conscious and subconscious minds without our being aware of

it. They were able to program me almost as effectively as computers are

now programmed.


I was dependent on these various programming media for my

“entertainment.” I thought I actually enjoyed the movies, TV, radio,

etc., that I was being programmed with and for which I had to pay

plenty. I thought I enjoyed the drugs on which I was dependent. You

can’t imagine how many barrels of coffee and show cases of sweet rolls

I went through. I didn’t know they were addictive. I had lost or had

never learned the art of entertaining myself. I allowed others to do my

thinking for me. I had very little time to figure out things. So I just

did what was expected of me. I was a human robot.


I was 10 years a salesman and 10 years in business for myself.

During most of that time I went blindly around that old merry-go-round

of working, spending and trying to pay my bills by the 10th. There were

many times I couldn’t pay by the 10th and I would try to borrow money

from the bank to pay bills. (You know what they said, most of the time

— “Ha, ha, ho, ho!”) So I sorted the bills and paid only the most

imminent and stalled the rest. One big bummer! Who has time to do any

important profound thinking about life, pollution, wars, etc., at a

time like that? My thinking time was totally occupied with finding a

way to make a buck and trying to keep a reasonably happy family. I

don’t recall that I, even once, asked myself if I were happy or if I

were doing what was for my own best good over the long run.

A Rut

I went pathetically around and around that wheel (endless rut)

every month, always trying to get a little ahead of the game. It was

not unlike a grave with both ends kicked out, like a robot programmed

to work, spend and pay. Like, I was in the groove, man, but I didn’t

know how to remove my helmet. I didn’t even know I had one.

Background Music

I think that I might like background music if I were not trying to

talk or think, that is, providing I was sure that there was no mind

conditioning in it.

TV Kickout

Somewhere along the line I got mad at my TV addiction and gave my

set away. It was almost impossible for me to turn the damned thing off

until the program was over or until I was exhausted. I’m now happy that

I did this, especially since I’ve learned about the subliminals

bombarding TV watchers. I don’t need it. My subconscious must have told

me to get rid of it. I rarely take in any of the other news media or

movies any more. This leaves me with more time and inclination to do

some thinking for myself. In fact, I would not even dream of voting for

anyone to represent me and to make laws against me anymore.

In Business

I was taught in Economics class, in business college, the rule,

“Charge all the traffic will bear. (and a little more so that you can

come down),” that I must make a profit and the more the better. Then it

sounded logical, so when I went into business it seemed quite natural

to follow that old rule, so I did. I didn’t stop to realize that

everyone else would be using that same rule on me too. That for

everything I would buy there would be someone trying to get all they

could out of me. This kind of economics ferments trusts, monopolies and

cartels. So those with the most, make the most.

I didn’t worry about the workers in foreign countries who made

only a few cents a day on the imported products that I bought, until I

visited some of those countries recently. Then I saw some of their

living and working conditions. It made me start to think. I also

realized that workers in the U.S.A. are exploited too, only on a

different level and more subtly.

My belief that everyone here had freedom of “choice of work” fell

apart. I could see that most of us were doing work that we didn’t like.

Because we needed the money to pay the rent, food bills, etc., we had

to take work at any place that was hiring, whether we liked the job or


I didn’t question whether the manufacturer of what I was buying,

was polluting my drinking water supply, my fresh air supply or my food

supply. I trusted government to protect those supplies for me. I

trusted my city sewer disposal and my city water purification

departments. It never once occurred to me that if we didn’t pollute our

water supply we wouldn’t need the purification department.

I trusted my city government many years ago when they said that it

was hazardous to our health to put human waste on crop lands. I had

forgotten the fact that my dad always put our human waste from our outhouse,

on our crop land. I forgot that I had seen the Japanese farmers

doing this 30 years ago.

Screwed Up

We have been making great technical advancements. We have

developed fabulous new techniques, alloys, compounds and methods that

give products more strength, durability and all kinds of wonderful new

qualities. But they sell us products that are always breaking down,

wearing out and polluting more, e.g., cars won’t start, they rust out

in 3 years and start falling apart before you get them paid for and

toys break before you get them home. We have wonderful mass production

machines and tremendous crop yield seed varieties and excellent

irrigation facilities, yet we are often told that there are shortages

just before severe price increases, e.g., meat, sugar, oil and coffee.

For some strange reason the prices never came down after the “so

called” shortages were over. Prisons don’t rehabilitate or cut down

crime. They say there are crimes even when there is no victim. Laws are

written by the big money people to protect big money. Governments spend

money like it was water. Many money-saving devices are kept off the

market. Laws are written to keep down the little man.


My first reaction to my study of the overall picture, was that

things are sure screwed, all backwards and muddled up, a regular

nightmare. But on closer examination I decided that this is the natural

trend that must take place under the present world-wide economic

system. (The “Pay System,” where people take pay or profit for their

work and sell the product.) With this Game there can only be a few big

winners and the rest must be big losers. (Survivors, but not winners.)


I understand that corporate trust agreements have given way to

large corporate conglomerates which more easily corner national

markets. These conglomerates have or are evolving into multinational

conglomerates which are cornering the world markets. If we continue to

use the present world-wide economic system, the multinationals will

probably be cornering one market after another. Soon there may be no

work or product that will not be under the direct or indirect control

of the multinationals. This leaves me at their mercy. (Are corporations

merciful?) I’ll have to pay their prices and take whatever profit or

wages they allow. This doesn’t give me very good feelings.

I Went Along

Why did I allow these things to happen?

First of all, I wasn’t aware of much of the BS that was going on.

Second, when I became aware I tried the usual things, e.g.,

writing to my congress persons, to the President and finally I worked

in the Republican Party. (I had been a Democrat all my life.) All to

no avail.

Third, why didn’t I drop out and stop participating in the

consuming, polluting, exploiting and depleting of resources? Well, I

thought I needed the income to pay for our house, food, clothing, auto

payments, business loan payments, taxes, insurance, upkeep,

entertainment, medical, vacation, etc. How could I have said, “No.” to

a boss or to a client and take the risk of losing everything I had? It

seemed like I had no viable alternative.

Fourth, I mulled over all these thoughts for some time before I

decided on a partial way out. (I think this might be the point where

many people have nervous breakdowns if they don’t see a way out of the

mess. Then they go to a shrink who tries to “fix” them, so that they

can get back into the old rat race and run again. What a bummer!)


After about 20 years of slaving in the race I was starting to get

ahead a little. I started to take a little time to think about myself

and my needs. I decided to get out of the race and sold everything I

had when I was 42. Decided to take off for a few years. Figured I had

learned how to make money and could do it again if I ever had to. I

have been learning, growing and enjoying so much in the last 8 years

that I doubt if I’ll ever go back into the rat race.

Save Money

Since I have stopped taking in the programming I can walk through

any of the big stores and never get a desire to buy any of their stuff

(crap). What little I need I buy at rummage sales for just a few cents.

I have no idea what’s in style any more, and care less. Of course I

can’t buy second hand food but I’m eating more of the basic foods,

i.e., the unprocessed foods; they are purer, cheaper and taste better.

What more can I ask for?

I got rid of my car because it was always eating my money and

taking up a lot of my time. I now live close to where I do my thing, so

I walk most of the time or bus to farther places. I don’t spend much

money so my small income (savings, actually) is sufficient for

everything that I desire.

Free Time and Purpose

Not spending much money means not needing to use any time earning

money, or using up much of my savings. This gives me more free time to

look, listen, smell, feel, taste, think and reason. Sometimes I feel

like writing and I do. I don’t know if anyone will understand what I’m

saying but it feels good to write it anyway. I have created a purpose

for my life and it feels right and good for now.

Eight years ago when I dropped-out, I asked myself, “What is the

highest and best use that I can put to my mind, heart and body? What

kind of work needs to be done the most? What can I do that will be for

my own best good over the long haul?” My decision was to try to

discover or to design a more perfect system of living together on this


I derive much happiness from my purpose (my work), and sometimes

much agony when I can’t seem to reach people. I work for free and I’m

my own boss. I can quit anytime, and go back to my work anytime. I do

my work as I see fit. I don’t give a damn if my newsletter sells,

because I give it away. Ha ha. If my ideas for freedom are valid, I

expect people may use them. If the seeds that I plant are fertile, I

trust that they will grow, and that some aware people will water them

and cultivate them. If this happens we will all share in the harvest.

Big Money People

My guess is that the big money people who order the mind

programming in the media, are in a dilemma themselves. They sometimes

seem to be in a competitive game with each other. It’s like they have

ahold of the chain that holds a vicious bulldog (Power) and if they let

go, someone else will grab it and go after them with it. So they don’t

dare let go of their power. The Priceless Economic System will remove

all the teeth from this bulldog. Then they can “let go” and relax a

little with the rest of us.

They seem to be working together some too. Big money is going

strong in Agribusiness. They are taking over land like it is going out

of style. They already seem to have a corner on the market in meat,

sugar, coffee and oil. Whenever a product doubles in price over night,

you can be pretty sure that they have cornered that too. It is

inevitable that they will continue the game until they can set all

prices wherever they wish and the same with wages. What freedom will

this leave for me and you? If we wait until then to try to make change

it will probably be too late. Most people will by then be so thoroughly

programmed (brainflushed) that they will believe with Pollyanna, that,

“Everything that happens is for the best.”


z z z Help Wanted z z z

Electronics Inventor

Project: Subliminal Sound Detector

Build a gadget which will detect and convert to audible sound

those hidden subliminal messages which are present on radio, TV, stereo

and tapes as reported in the comprehensive book, “Subliminal Seduction”

by Wilson Bryan Key, Signet. Key says, on page 163, that subliminals

are fairly easy to plant in sound and visual media. He said that it is

nearly impossible to consciously locate them. He said that subaudible

effects can be planted at low volume intensities, at various speed

harmonics and at either high or low frequencies — all he said, are

unheard by conscious perception.

Project: Subliminal Light Detector

Build a gadget to detect and make visible the low intensity light

messages used on movies and TV. (See above book, page 23.)

Why ?

1. Open up another Pandora’s Box like the Watergate scandal.

Reveal how the big corporations are mind conditioning us

subliminally. Help people see for themselves what the Pay

System is doing to them. Teach people how human robots are

being made. It will not only be amusing and revealing but

also mind blowing to be able to hear and see some of the


2. Or make yourself a bundle of money by selling the gadgets.

3. Or publicize the blueprints (schematics) and let people

solder together the detectors by themselves.

December 27, 1976 Ernest Mann

1Subliminal Seduction, Wilson Bryan Key

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