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Now You Know The Power of Corporations!

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Now you know the power! The power of big corporations. Proposition 37 in California went down to defeat. The corporations spent somewhere around 45 million dollars to convince voters that they do not need to know what is in their food. It is unbelievable. We here at Yard Eats find it hard to fathom why people would not want to know that GMOs are in their food.

The defeat of Prop 37 makes it even more urgent that you should start your own backyard garden NOW! With no way to tell which products are genetically modified, consumers are now at the total mercy of corporate chemical warfare on their food. Be on the alert. Your life and health may be at stake!


P.S. A list of the corporations who financed the “No” on 37 is on the site WWW.You-Rant. Keep this in mind when you shop.


Police State

So you thought Bush and Chaney were sharing the 666 crown for taking away our freedoms, eh?  Well how do you like the new king, Barry Sotero?  Expanded wars, world-wide assassinations without trial, building concentration camps in the US, the National Defense Authorization Act, the renewal of the Patriot Act, the continued shame of Guantanamo, the militarization of the local police, the saber rattling in the far east (hey, why not get a war going with China to balance out the one coming up with Iran.  A double-header as they say in baseball).  This guy Obama is the worst enemy of Freedom who has walked the earth since Joe Stalin.  Actually worse.  Stalin had “show trials”.   This guy doesn’t even do that, his trials are secret, the evidence is secret, the defendants have been tortured for years, the public only gets government propaganda about them after they end.  If he stays in office another four years this website will be coming to you from Iceland, along with any others who value Liberty and Freedom of Speech.