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The Domain Name Game Part 2 – Hacking Through The Web of Mysterious Faux Web Sites That Plague the Credit Unions.

The Domain Name Game – Part 2

The Web of Mysterious Faux Web Sites That Plague the Credit Unions

The Nobby Beach Boyz Take a Bite Out of Star One

I call them the Nobby Beach Boyz because their domain is in Nobby Beach, the heart of Australia’s Gold Coast. Way down in the land of Oz, nowhere near the Northern California headquarters of Star One Credit Union, is the hidden lair of a domain name that was unprotected by Star, and has fallen into the hands of “someone” in Nobby Beach, hiding behind a wall of privacy. The Nobby Beach Boyz own the name How the real Star One left this unprotected is baffling. But on 23 November, 2008 they snagged the name, and what they have done should be a lesson learned to any company. By the way, of Australia is the shield now around the real owner or owners of And don’t bother to write, as “all postal mails rejected”.


Nobby Beach sounds like a great place to vacation, wedged between Mermaid Beach and Miami Beach on the famous “Gold Coast”. Nice places to stay for families, picnic areas, BBQ pits, theme parks like Sea World, Wildlife Sanctuary, Outback Spectacular, Warner Bros Movie World, cycling, swimming, bushwalking and much more. Not a bad place to operate a world-wide buccaneering operation.


So what happens when you type in Firstly, for some reason, the Nobby Beach Boyz don’t want to use this real name, even though, as we have seen, the real StarOne failed to get the Trademark for it. Be that as it is, the web site is some kind of a static page, which redirects to another page. This page looks like the actual page, but the name is actually miss-spelled, on purpose. The web address you are taken to is Notice that the name is “cedit”, not “credit”


When you hit the front page a series of links appear: Names like Credit Services, Loan Application, Pay Bills Online, Online Banking, Small Business Loans, Wealth Management, Credit Counseling, Business Lending, and more. A click on the very top link, Credit Services, takes you right to a link to Talk about sending your potential customers to the enemy! This credit service click-through page lists 10 linked “ads”, including Discover Card, other credit card companies and finance companies. The front page list of links goes to other pages of links, which go to other links, search engines, banks like Wells Fargo, Chase, credit card and finance companies, on and on, an inverse pyramid that opens wide to the sky. Most of the links seem to be “ads”, probably paid for on a “click through” basis, as most are these days. In the forest of links they have even thrown in links to the “real” Star One Credit Union, but it is not that easy to find. is mainly directing customers to the big banks and finance companies. Their pages of links could be providing the Nobby Beach crowd quite a revenue stream. All thanks to the fact that “Lockheed’s” did not protect their name.


One thing is clear: the Nobby Beach Boyz are well protected, hiding behind a phalanx of security. They are good, very good at what they do. The main server they are operating from is in Ashburn, VA, an amazon server. Under this IP server is a group of websites, including a porn site that is hosted in Nassau, Bahamas, another sex site hosted down in Dallas, Texas, a nominal “health” site with click-through ads, and a site for sale that is hosted in the UK. One of their sites is registered in Panama. This web of servers totally shields the real owners, we don’t know anything about them, and the Nobby Beach Boyz, as I originally called them, could simply be one guy. Where is he? Nassau? Nobby Beach? Panama? Houston? Living near in Virginia? It would sure be enlightening to sit down with whoever the main bloke is, and chat about all this. I’m sure he would have some funny stories about buccaneering on the world-wide web.


The Brisbane Blokes also take a bite of Star One.


As if it wasn’t enough to throw away, the “real” also somehow managed to lose So who has this? The registration filed for the .org is also in Australia, not that far from the Gold Coast and the .com. This is in Fortitude Valley, near Brisbane. I’ll call these guys The Brisbane Blokes, another fun loving bunch of internet operators, who claim to be “The Leading Star One Credit Union Site on The Net.”  As opposed to any other “buccaneer” Star One sites!  When you visit you see a very similar page to the dot com page:  Credit Union Savings Accounts, Star One Credit Union, Credit Union Online Banking, Loans, more and more. Clicking on the first link takes you to more links, in this case bank sites like Barclays, and some credit union sites that are listed under “sponsored listings”, which means in English that they are paid ads.


These blokes do have a sense of humor. One link, Starone Credit Union takes you to a page packed with links in New Jersey! So folks looking to get to the “real” Star One in Santa Clara are directed to banks, job searches, credit unions and more, about as far away from Sunnyvale as you can get. And this includes sites that offer rapid STD testing! The New Jersey page links say “ads by Google”, so it looks like the cash flow is moving here too. Are the many credit unions listed on some of these links paying for these ads? It appears so. Ironic, isn’t it, that the “real” Star One, would have to pay for an ad on a site using its original name, now owned by someone else. Big Jim is right again, always protect your name! Right now, the Brisbane Blokes are raking in a pile of dough because they were wide awake and moved fast to get a great name very cheaply from a dithering credit union. What was Star One thinking? And how does this look to someone trying to contact the “real” Star One in Sunneyvale to open an account?


Once again, tracking down the location of the main ISP is enlightening. The address for is a server farm in the Bahamas. Here, we find a multitude of websites being run off one IP. Many of their other websites are for sale. They are mostly “links” sites, organized by product categories with links to other sites. A few examples:

** – adult links, gay dating, xxxdating, etc.

** – adult dating links, nude girls, lesbian chat, adult online dating sites

** – girls hot, nude girls, hot sex, plumpes sex, sex dildos

**banat6 – arabix video, xxl video, Egypt Girl, Arabic Girls, Arab Six (Arabic for Sex?)

** – title tells all

** – links to spy software, password software, gold assay

** – a domain name for sale, and a really good one at that! I can’t believe they have had this since Nov. 2000. Great names like this are few and far between.


In theory, at least, the Brisbane Blokes should be taking in a lot of money from the click-throughs. The similarity of the and .org sites, although on different servers in the Bahamas might indicate a connection. Could the Brisbane Bloke be the same as the Nobby Beach Bloke? Or are these just some fun loving internet buccaneers who move in the same circles? There’s no telling, because they are hidden from view. They only come out of the fog briefly, just long enough to snag another good name, then retreat from sight behind walls of security.


The Premier America Credit Union – Another Domain Name Debacle


Premier America Credit Union was born out of the old 1950’s Litton Employees Federal Credit Union. This great credit union has 64,000 members and over 1 Billion in assets. It is a worthy place to put your money, as is Star One and Lockheed, and we urge you to support all these institutions with your money. If you want to strike a blow against the big banks, move your money now, then you can laugh when you see Jamie Dimon squirming in front of a Congressional Hearing. But Premier also has also felt the sting of the internet buccaneers, or maybe they haven’t noticed all the name follies going on around them for the last 12 years.


Premier decided to use the name for their credit union. This was in early internet days, December 18, 1995. Maybe they would have been better off keeping the name Litton, and using that with some other name that they could have connected to internet domains. From the get-go, Premier was stymied. The greatest of the names, was taken in the dim mists of the internet beginnings, March 1, 1993. This was grabbed by Premier Pet Products, and they are still using it today, 19 years later. “Your Pets, Our Passion” say these nice folks in Drums, Pennsylvannia. So the “real” Premier took, and figured that was all they needed. Just think about how many folks, in the last 19 years, typed in and ended up looking at pet products instead of a credit union? We’ll never know. Whooof, whooof. Meow, meow.


But as the years went by, the names they left behind started to get noticed. Well, most of them. Some are still floating out there, unbelievably not attached to a bouy. I found that is still available, 17 years after they created Also still hanging around is Hey, it’s a big ocean out there, even the buccaneer fleet can’t patrol everywhere. But the Internet Buccaneers did come sailing in near the shores of Fort, scooping out the rich clam beds right in front of them.


Oh, You Were Looking For a Credit Union? How About a String Bikini Instead?


In February 2004, some fun loving bunch, hidden behind a wall of security in downtown Los Angeles, California, discovered one of Premier’s unwanted step children, this called It is certainly puzzling that even though Premier has trademarked that very name, they forgot to get the domain. No worries, it’s being put to good use in the fashion business. Hit the website and you’ll find a lot of cool links. How about a job at McDonalds? Or Walmart? Or hey, Micro Bikini See Thru and Bikini String, Sheer Bikini, Mode Fashion, Women Fashion, and more. As their slogan at the top of the site says: “What you need, when you need it.”


Did The Internet Buccaneers Cut Their Teeth on Premier? The Panamanians Find A Treasure Floating on the Internet Ocean.


I call them the Panamanians because I don’t know who “they” are. They are hiding behind the walls of Fundacion Private Whois in Panama. Back in August of 2000, while patrolling the Internet Seas, they stumbled on to a treasure chest just floating out there. Opening it up, they discovered something valuable: This was one of the unprotected domain names from Premier America Credit Union. This might have been the lab they used for the credit union web page template. With a slight twist.


When you go to you are re-directed to Look at that carefully, Premier is misspelled as “Prmier” Why? Possibly because the “real” Premier America has trademarks: Premier America TM filed in August of 2001, and Premier America Credit Union TM filed in March, 2000, five months before the Panamanians snagged Maybe it was wiser to just use this as a holding page, and re-direct traffic to a similarly named site that is intentionally misspelled, and has a .com behind it. This site is also hosted in the Bahamas on a server farm.


The same brilliant website design page that is seen on all these morphing sites is here. An index page full of bank, credit union, and financial links. Click on these and you go to more links: more banks, search engines, finance and credit card sites. Go almost anywhere except where you might have intended to go in the first place. The “real” Premier America is having its potential customers directed elsewhere, all because they left their name unprotected and set adrift on the choppy, dangerous seas of the internet. All legal, you snooze and you looze, as they say on the street. If you were savvy, you could actually find Premier America Credit Union through those sites, if nothing else by using search engines that you can get to through the forest of links. But how many average folks are savvy? And so what, when you click on anything on the buccaneer’s websites, it’s “ka-ching, ka-ching” baby! They make their money on clicks, even yours. And even mine, come to think of it. How much did I put in their pockets while researching this article? Lordy, lordy…..


The Pompano Beach Internet Surfers Find a Treasure Chest, Too!



I’m calling them the Pompano Beach Surfers because I don’t know who they really are, so that’s as good a name as any. Imagine the surprise these boyz had, sailing and surfing the Internet Seas of the Spanish Main back in June of 2002, when they also discovered a treasure chest, just barely floating on the surface of the shallow waters. Something the Panamanians had missed on their patrol two years before. Opening the chest, they peered inside to find another unattached web site, You don’t have to call these guys twice to the barbeque pit. They moved into the web space and set up shop. You see the same type of design as we have seen on the others, an index page with a lot of banking and finance links to click on, and clicking on these takes you to other pages packed with links that click-through to even more links. A blizzard of links, and the clicking sounds you hear might be sending a torrent of ad revenue to the Pompano Beach Internet Surfers, wherever they are, maybe into off-shore bank accounts. Although the registration was in Pompano Beach, Florida, the hosting is a server farm in the Bahamas.


The Pompano Beach Surfers snagged way back in 2002. Looking back at the name games at StarOne, we find that is fairly recent, created in April 2010 by the Brisbane Blokes. And looking even further back in archives, the Nobby Beach Boyz created back in November of 2008. So is one of the early creations, although the “senior” treasure here, possibly used as the template, so to speak, for more recent activities, was, created in August of 2000. A large part of this is speculation on my part, of course, because everyone involved is hiding behind walls of security around the world, and they probably aren’t eager to give any interviews.


So You Failed at Spelling? The Buccaneers Make Money Off That, Too!


You say you can’t spell? That’s OK, the internet buccaneers make money off that too! Looking through the web sites stashed on one of the Bahama I.P.s which hosts (which re-directs you to, the miss-spelled web name),I stumbled across a stash of website names that were miss-spelled. This is the secret port where the Panamanians dock, in the middle of the Caribbean. Sure, we could write this off to a foreigner’s ignorance of English. The dummies can’t even spell. You would be wrong about this, though. Firstly, although the .org is registered in Panama, it doesn’t mean that these guys are Panamanians, they might be blokes from the Land of Oz. Second, the miss-spellings are a deliberate ruse to direct those of us mortals who try to type in web sites although we didn’t graduate from grammar school.


Take a look at some of these gems, just a few: you all know about, right? The site with the great job ads, personal ads, and stuff for sale, all free? Well how about Or Clever, eh? One of these is a re-direct, actually taking you to the real craigslist. Is this paid for? Or just a public service from the Panamanian amigos? Then there’s for all you gmail lovers. And for those looking for their humble beginnings. Other things are hidden here, a hip hop stars site and, just to mention two. So keep being a bozo when you type in that website name, the internet buccaneers are making money from your mistakes.



What Would Edgar Allan Poe Say?


If you go to one of my favorite sites,, and look up the words “Ignes Fatui” you will find something that describes what you have just read. Poe was famous for using a lot of obscure words, and this Poe website has a dictionary of words and phrases to help you out. His expression in this case, fits perfectly the situation with the domain name games. Ignes Fatui means foolish light. This old term refers to the strange lights sometimes seen in swamps and marshes, caused when seeping methane gas self-ignites, creating flickering lights. To travelers, these lights could act as a dangerous lure, tricking them off the safe path and on to treacherous ground. As in old times, still true today. These faux credit union websites are like the strange lights in the swamp, luring the internet surfers who are looking for the path to a specific credit union site, beckoning them off the path into a swamp of links and confusing weeds, from which they may never come back to the sound road.


The Ultimate Question: Who Are These Guys? One Mastermind or a Gang of Fun-Loving Internet Buccaneers? The Criss-Cross of Clues.


I’ve asked around. Big Jim says I should contact the NSA, maybe they know who these mysterious guys are. The Brisbane Blokes, The Panamanians, the Nobby Beach Boyz, The Pompano Florida Surfers. Are they a group of fun-loving buccaneers, businessmen who may or may not know each other? Or is this entire matrix of domains shown in this article (and I may have only scratched the surface), the work of one true mastermind. A shadowy Mr. X, who travels between his digs in the Australian Gold Coast to the Bahamas to check on his server farms and maybe his off-shore accounts where the click-through ad revenue pours in? Then it’s on to the States, stop by to look things over, then maybe scoot down to Pompano Beach or Miami for a few days of sunshine, before jetting off to the UK. As one famous radio personality, Dave Emory, says often, this is all food for thought and grounds for further investigation. One tantalizing thing did pop up though. The IP address in the Bahamas,, which houses, is the same one for The battery of web sites housed are the same, just one big happy family. And residing there is the old web site that takes you to Although now holding forth in Luxembourg, is an old site, created way back in 1998 and was registered years ago by an Australian company, Could Mr. X be from the Land of Oz? A fun-loving, but hard bitten Aussie businessman like Rupert Murdoch, operating around the world in Luxembourg, Panama, Los Angeles, Pompano Beach, The Bahamas, Virginia, Brisbane and our favorite, Nobby Beach? Hiding behind walls of security and internet I.P.s world-wide, a true modern-day internet buccaneer? We may never find out.


These often wild internet name games at times seem not only incomprehensible, but totally incredible. I can only say that if you don’t believe me about all this, these complicated tales of the domain name games, you could ask Big Jim about it.


If he were talking.


Which he ain’t.



Mysterious Disappearance of Charles T. Sprading Solved

Mysterious Disappearance of Charles T. Sprading Solved

“I am the last living person to have seen him alive in the late 1950s”


Charles T. Sprading was one of the greatest intellectuals of the 20th Century. He was a man who championed liberty and fought tyranny all of his life. He vanished around 1959, and many people over the years wondered what happened to him.

My dad was a great friend of Mr. Sprading. Although my father was a technical writer, he was very interested in many other subjects, one of which was rationalism, or free-thought as it is sometimes called. When I was a kid I spent most Saturdays riding around in our old car, visiting dad’s friends. Most of them were quite elderly. Two of the rationalists I remember were Sadie Cook and Charles T. Sprading. I was taught from a young age to listen, not speak. “Children should be seen and not heard,” was the refrain I remember hearing on a weekly basis. These visits to Cook, Sprading, and others opened my eyes to things in philosophy and history at a very early age. Listening to elders talk was serious in my family, so I grew up respecting the views of those who were in very advanced years.

I believe Sadie Cook was the secretary for one of the rationalist societies, and her small house was packed with papers, correspondence, books and magazines. I heard about atheism on Saturdays, then on Sunday it was off to church, for my mother’s side of the family was somewhat religious. I used to ask my dad why I had to go to church if there was no God, and he would answer that I would go to church until I was 18, and then make up my own mind about God. He never said God did not exist, I just picked up that from his discussions with Sadie Cook and others.

Mr. Sprading was a delight to visit, he was a wonderful man, an advanced age, very thin and fragile. He was living in a ramshackle garage in East Los Angeles, I believe it was behind a house on Folsom St., off Brooklyn, in the older section of the city. His living quarters were very sparse, a cot, a sink, some crates and old shelves that contained his remaining books and papers. Looking back, it is more than sad, it is a national disgrace that one of America’s finest intellectuals, a world-respected author and speaker, would end up in such poverty. During our visits, he never complained. He was always cheerful, speaking of many earth shaking historical events. His time was the time of great radicalism. His contemporaries were anarchists, rationalists, syndicalists, libertarians, the great union organizers, and especially Eamon de Valera, the great fighter for Irish Freedom. Sprading was a close associate of de Valera, and worked in the cause for Irish Freedom for many years, as an organizer, speaker, advance man, publicist, and writer.

I would sit in an old shaky wooden chair and listen wide-eyed to Sprading telling about Emma Goldman, revolutionaries, the great strikes, the libertarian campaigns against the religious “blue laws”, and other fantastic events. Most of the libertarian fights in the 1930s seemed to be against the “blue laws”, which among other things forbade retail stores to be open on Sundays. It is hard to believe now, in this time, that such laws existed 80 years ago. Mr. Sprading could go on for a couple of hours, his photographic memory for people and dates were very clear, he would never stumble over a date or a name. After about 2 hours, he would tire, and we would depart so he could rest.

My dad passed on at an early age in 1956. After a time, my mother would take me on a Saturday and we would make the long trip from Hollywood to East Los Angeles on street cars and buses to see Mr. Sprading. My mom didn’t drive, and when father died she sold the car, so we had to take public transportation. Believe it or not, it wasn’t bad back then, because we had the wonderful street car system, soon to be trashed by a conspiracy of GM, Firestone Tires, and Standard Oil. One fateful day we went out to see Mr. Sprading, but he wasn’t there. The landlady who lived in the front house said that he had died. We asked about his books and papers, and she informed us that she had “thrown away all those old papers and books, who would want them?” Even as a young man of 15 at that time, I knew those “old papers” were very valuable. I wanted to scream at this ignorant woman, but years of family training to be polite took hold. My mother was visibly upset, but she kept her cool. On the way home we discussed what a tragedy it was that the stupid woman threw away such rare photos, papers, and books in the trash. My mother knew that material should have gone to a library somewhere. And so it was that one of the giants of the 20th century died quietly in his sleep, living in a dilapidated old garage in the run down section of Los Angeles. His books still exist in libraries, and if someone could track down old copies of The Truth Seeker magazine published by Charles Smith, or other rationalist, libertarian, or freedom magazines, you will find some interesting articles by Charles T. Sprading. Since I was only 15 at the time (1959), and since I never heard of any other “youngsters” who visited him, I am pretty sure that I am the last person presently alive who saw the great Charles T. Sprading.

Charles T. Sprading’s Classic Book on Mutual Service Now Posted on this site!

Mutual Service and Cooperation


We are very pleased to announce that Charles T. Sprading’s great book on Mutual Service and Cooperation has been uploaded to Support Credit Unions site. Click on the main bar to begin reading. This book has been out of print for many years.


Sprading was a well known Libertarian and author of many books and articles on Liberty and Freedom, as well as cooperative societies. In his early years he fought for Irish Freedom. When Eamon de Valera, the heroic leader of the Irish Freedom movement was traveling around the United States speaking and fund raising, Mr. Sprading was his “advance” man. Mr. Sprading would go into a town or city and do the press work and publicity to get people ready to attend the de Valera rallies.


Mr. Sprading was an intellectual, and contemporary of de Valera, who wrote the Irish Constitution and served as President of Ireland. Many feel that Charles Sprading, who was a few years older than de Valera, was in fact a mentor figure. Sprading’s keen mind, his vast knowledge of philosophy, history, and politics, would play a big part in de Valera’s life and fortunes. It can be noted here that even in his late eighties Mr. Sprading had a photographic memory, and could recall his early years with great clarity, almost down to a specific date. As a champion of liberty and freedom he is certainly one of the greatest men of the twentieth century, although now almost forgotten in this age of totalitarian beliefs.


So it is with tremendous enthusiasm that we present this great work on mutualism. Thanks go to Floyd Pink and Mike who were great helps in tracking down this rare book and spending the time necessary to scan this into text.


Uncle Paulie

Lockheed Name Change Makes No Sense

Why Does LFCU Want To Become More Like A Bank?

Lockheed Federal Credit Union (LFCU) wants to change its name to Logix.  We think Logix is a cool name, but it is a techie, computer type of name, not a name for a credit union.  What is really strange is that LFCU already has a great name: “Lockheed”.  What could be better than that?  It’s a name that has been around since the 1920’s (although the company goes back to 1912).  “Lockheed” is a strong-sounding name, a power name, a name that reflects the company history of building fighting aircraft, planes that had a big part in the U.S. victory in World War II.  It’s a name that projects power, security, and integrity.  As a name for a credit union, it doesn’t get any better than that.

The other thing that seems to be happening, along with the change in name to “Logix”, is a drift to make LFCU seem more like a bank and less like a credit union.  Although they say they are going to remain a credit union, the new tag line on their new name is “smarter banking”.  In other words, their image is morphing a bit, a name (Logix) that is a nebulous techie-type name that suggests a company making electronic parts, and a tag line with the words “smarter banking”.  They are entering the grey area of imagery and leaving behind the strong, powerful name with 80 years of history and strong imagery in print, movies, news, aircraft production, and solid reality. 

Lockheed Federal Credit Union’s web site acknowledges that credit unions are under attack by big banks.  Here’s what they say:


Banks want to eliminate credit union competition

We need your support to fight the banking industry’s relentless attacks on America’s credit unions. The attacks are serious – the American Bankers Association has ranked taxing credit unions as its number-one priority – ahead of combating terrorism!”

LFCU understands completely the threat the big banks are posing.  So then why in the world are they abandoning their great, strong name and drifting toward the banking imagery?  The clock is ticking, the big name change is coming on July 9th.  That’s when the high stakes game begins, with a lot of money being spent on this name and image changeover. With 3 billion in assets, this is indeed a big play for Lockheed.  Will this send LFCU on a road to greater benefits for its members, or as some fear, will it send it drifting over a financial cliff?


Lockheed a bank or a credit union?

This morning while en-route to Pasadena with my friend Mike, we had a rather curious experience with the local credit union.


My friend Mike sometimes follows the news about credit unions and co-ops, having been involved in starting a co-op several years ago. He has always had an interest in cooperative organizations.


After Mike’s return from a short meeting with a representative, he showed me a nice glossy advertisement regarding Lockheed’s name change from Lockheed Federal Credit Union to Logix, with the new website to refer to them as Logix Smarter Banking. Seems they are dropping all references to their being a credit union, so as not to confuse people and gain more customers …. Well I’m certainly confused. I suspect most people will now think they’re a bank, they will say “no we’re still a credit union”. People will ask, “then why are you dropping all references to you’re being a credit union”. They will reply, “so you’re not confused”. I guess I need an MBA to understand this one.


I mean really! You’re a credit union, but don’t want to advertise as one? Leading people to assume you’re a bank and offer the same old things that we’ve all come to know and love, like fees for everything, how about out of order processing in order to get overdraft fees. Maybe you should ask for a government bailout, that would be memorable.


We’re a credit union, but don’t tell anyone, we want your business, we’re smarter.

Floyd Pink

Lockheed Name Change Is Confusing

Lockheed Name Change Is Confusing

Lockheed Federal Credit Union is changing their name to Logix.  Check out this video cartoon about this:

So what brought all this on?  Lockheed Federal Credit Union decided to change their name to Logix.  Cool name.  Unfortunately, if you go on the internet, someone else is using, some communications company.  The new Lockheed flyer they are putting out does not have a new website name, nor do they have the old web name on the flyer, which, by the way is  They also announced on their old web site that the name change is dropping the tag “credit union”, even though they say they are still going to be a credit union.  Huh?  Are you confused yet?  Also on the flyer is the new name with another tag line, Logix smarter banking.  If you go to it takes you to a “who is” page, showing that some un-named person or entity already owns this name.  Could Lockheed own this name, kind of a pre-launch secret because the new website isn’t done yet?  Maybe, but we thought they were not going to be a “bank” , they are still a credit union but just not using the name. 

Then there’s the matter of the Trademark.  They didn’t file for a trademark, Logix Credit Union  Maybe they forgot this, or possibly because the name was already filed a few years ago by a school district credit union in Indiana.  But hey, good news here, the school district has abandoned the name by not responding to official paperwork, so the trademark is still available, if Lockheed decides to use the forbidden words “credit union”.

Are you as confused as Knuclehead in the cartoon?  We are too.  But there’s more.  The names “” and “” appear to be owned by pro-credit union folks.  Good news for Lockheed if they can somehow straighten out this spaghetti mess and get their act together.

More Burning Bank Art

Painting of Chase Bank Brightly Burning. This is another of Schaefer's Gallery display. His paintings are reflective of the rage the population has against the big banks. Millions of people have lost their homes and their life savings, "legally" stolen by the big banksters.