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Now You Know The Power of Corporations!

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Now you know the power! The power of big corporations. Proposition 37 in California went down to defeat. The corporations spent somewhere around 45 million dollars to convince voters that they do not need to know what is in their food. It is unbelievable. We here at Yard Eats find it hard to fathom why people would not want to know that GMOs are in their food.

The defeat of Prop 37 makes it even more urgent that you should start your own backyard garden NOW! With no way to tell which products are genetically modified, consumers are now at the total mercy of corporate chemical warfare on their food. Be on the alert. Your life and health may be at stake!


P.S. A list of the corporations who financed the “No” on 37 is on the site WWW.You-Rant. Keep this in mind when you shop.


VOTE! To change American History! – The GMO abusers spending over $40 Mil to BS you!

The Government’s revolving door with Monsanto.

Why vote YES on 37? Empowering people!

Exercise your power to change American history. Defeat Monsanto,  the number one company set on global food production dominance, and other supporters of defeating GM labeling.

Yes on 37!

For the first time in your voting life, you can exercise true citizen power to take down one of the most evil corporations that has ever existed. While virtually all elections have you bellyaching over having to vote the lesser of two distinct evils, and you having to accept it. Here you can join *fifteen (15) other countries, who ban and label GMOs in various forms, by telling Monsanto “We will live in America KNOWING what we are eating and feeding our families!”, and denying their quest for world food production dominance.

Your actions, in CA, November 6th, can have us be the role model for food safety for our entire country. State after state, following our lead. First labeling, then smart purchase refusing to buy, ending the reign of GM/GE (genetically modified/engineered) food.

Why are they (Monsanto, Dupont, Pepsi-Cola {Pepsico}, Dow, Bayer, Kraft, etc.) spending over $40 million dollars to keep you in the dark about the food you eat? Try to find one company on this list that doesn’t sell products rife with the use of GM BT corn products like high-fructose corn syrup.,_Mandatory_Labeling_of_Genetically_Engineered_Food_%282012%29#Opponents

Supporters of ‘NO on 37’:

Monsanto $7,115,237

E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. $4,900,000

Pepsico, Inc. $2,145,400

DOW Agrisciences $2,000,000

Bayer Cropscience $2,000,000

BASF Plant Science $2,000,000

Syngenta Corporation $2,000,000

Kraft Foods Global $1,950,500

Coca-Cola North America $1,465,500

Nestle USA $1,315,600

Conagra Foods $1,176,700

General Mills $1,135,300

Kellogg Company $790,000

Smithfield Foods $683,900

Del Monte Foods $674,100

Campbell’s Soup $500,000

Heinz Foods $500,000

Hershey Company $493,900

The J.M. Smucker Company $485,000

Bimbo Bakeries $422,900

Ocean Spray Cranberries $387,100

Mars Food North America $376,650

Council for Biotechnology Information $375,000

Grocery Manufacturers Association $375,000

Hormel Foods $374,300

Unilever $372,100

Bumble Bee Foods $368,500

Sara Lee $343,600

Kraft Food Group $304,500

Pinnacle Foods $266,100

Dean Foods Company $253,950

Biotechnology Industry Organization $252,000

Bunge North America $248,600

McCormick & Company $248,200

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company $237,664

Abbott Nutrition $234,500

Cargill, Inc. $226,846

Rich Products Corporation $225,537

Flowers Foods $182,000

Dole Packaged Foods $171,261

Knouse Foods Cooperative $164,731


Other food companies who have contributed to the “no” campaign (but with checks of less than $150,000) include Sunny Delight Beverages, McCain Foods, Tree Top, Idahoan Foods, Richelieu Foods, Land O’Lakes, Hillshire Brands, Morton Salt, Clorox, Goya de Puerto Rico, Sargento and Godiva Chocolatier.


Answer to Question: Why is Prop 37 Written The Way It Is?


Most of the criticisms that have been leveled against Proposition 37, the Genetically Engineered Food labeling bill, have had to do with the issue that the bill would favor special interests, in this case special food industries, because some types of foods would have to be labeled and some would not. What the critics of Prop. 37 don’t want people to know is that the bill had to be written the way it currently is because of the new proposition bylaws that say that only one issue is allowed to be in a bill; so changing existing labels counts as one issue, and adding labels to things that don’t currently have labels, such as meat and produce, counts as another issue.

The critics—in this case the mouthpieces for the biotech industry and the global elite powers behind them, who want to enfeeble the human race so we won’t be healthy enough to overthrow our super-tyrannical overlords—claim that it makes no sense why some foods should have to be labeled and others would not. Here’s the fact that the critics of Prop. 37 do not want to tell people: A few years ago the protocols were changed in California, and many other states, for how propositions are able to be written and brought forward. Before these changes, people only needed to get twenty-five thousand signatures to quality an initiative measure for the ballot; and now with the new rules, signature gatherers need to get a whopping one million signatures. This rule change alone guts out the entire initiative process by creating increased grassroots apathy, because it tires out the small minority of activists that are inclined to hit the pavement with petitions. This virtually eliminates true grassroots campaigns from the process. Therefore, only the causes with lots of money behind them have any chance of qualifying for the ballot. Fortunately, in this case with Prop. 37, due to the fact that a lot of organic food companies have quite a bit of money, and the fact that there is a lot of enthusiasm for GMO labeling, there was enough money to pay the signature gatherers to get the million signatures.

Unfortunately, the people behind Prop. 37, are not the best strategists with how they convey their message with flyers and advertising. Since the critics are focusing on the fact that it is not fair to label some products and not label others, the Prop. 37 campaign should have first and foremost on their flyers immediately explained to people that this was the best way this bill could have been written given the current proposition bylaw constraints. This way they could have been educating people why there will need to be another GMO labeling proposition in the future that will require animal products that were fed GM food to be labeled, and probably another proposition that will require GM produce to be labeled. Also, by focusing on the terrible proposition bylaws, the people behind Prop. 37 could have been simultaneously educating people about why the proposition bylaws need to be revised to become sane once again. In reiteration, the important information at hand to impress upon voters is that it is very important to Vote YES on Prop. 37, because it is the best bill possible right now To Get Genetically Modified Food Labeled. To learn about the dangers of genetically modified foods, go to, where the movie is available for viewing at no cost through the election.